Growing up around my father always snapping photos on his Canon AE-1, it was only a matter of time before a camera fell into my hands. It wasn't until the tail end of high school that I realized that I could combine photography with my long time passion of music. I started bringing my camera to local concerts and photographing the bands in friends basements and VFW halls. I began to notice other photographers were documenting these performances as well, but the feel of being there was not present in their photos. I set out to change that. 

With a deep understanding of music, mixed with my growing skills in photography and light, I began the path that my life continues on to this day. While taking college courses in radio broadcasting, I realized that it was not a field that kept me satisfied. With a small portfolio and an interview, I was accepted into the exclusive Hallmark Institute of Photography. 

During my time at Hallmark, I trained under long time professional photographers including our artist in residence Gregory Heisler. We were taught all forms of photography across multiple mediums, giving me the skills to handle any situation professionally. 

Shortly after graduating, I started applying these skills I learned shooting concerts and attending school into shooting other events. I began bridging the gaps between concerts and weddings and finding many similarities. I feel that with my experience, I can provide a unique perspective. 

I don't photograph to document, I photograph to reproduce the feeling of the moment.


My work has be featured in:

  • Alternative Press
  • Kerrang!
  • Front
  • Substream
  • AMP
  • Hails and Horns


I have a passport and am available for travel. 

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